Pro Feet and Sports Studio

Pro Feet has been wardrobing Sports Studio athletes’ feet for decades. From football to baseball to the other futbol, Pro Feet has covered us with the best socks in the industry at every level– youth to pro.

And now, they have moved their sock wardrobing efforts in-house with these custom Sports Studio socks which arrived today.

They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, as today is one of the rare days that it is not sunny in sunny Southern California.

Pro Feet is not only keeping our feet toasty, but they are also providing our military with performance socks that are engineered to perform under the toughest conditions.

Pro Feet’s newest sock, the X-Static Sock, was created to eliminate odors that are generated during athletic activity or a hard day’s work. And if that smells too good to be true, check out some real-life testaments from athletes around the country who have tried out the socks.

We look forward to our next step (get it?) with the good people over at Pro Feet. We know we’ll be putting our best foot forward in our custom Pro Feet Sports Studio socks.