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Did you know…

  • That Offensive Guards and Tackles only wear numbers 60-79?
  • That Linebackers and receivers wear different gloves on field?
  • That all NFL helmet chinstraps can only be white?

Well, if you didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, it’s okay. It’s our responsibility as football consultants to know everything from the big details down to the micro-minutiae.

Sports Studio Football Consulting On Set, behind the scenes of hollywood football productions

Outfitting NFL players for productions is not only a labor intensive process, but also scrupulously detail intensive. There are multiple layers to dressing up a player, each prop and wardrobe piece being specifically appointed based on it’s function. There are meticulous guidelines and regulations in place per league requirements and athlete preferences. Because authenticity is essential on camera, it’s necessary to pay careful attention to the brand sponsorship and representation of logos. As wardrobe and props experts with decades of expertise, we offer professional football consulting as a service that specializes in the authenticity of what you see on screen.

Full grey football uniform rental with custom logos and helmets. Sports Studio performed football consulting to ensure authenticity on screen.

TacklePBA Avanir PSA 2

Our On Set Sport-Technicians combine their extensive knowledge of the entertainment landscape with a professional’s perspective on sports. Our goal is to deliver important guidance on set by ensuring the on screen fluidity between scripted sports and the art of capturing it on camera.

Having been on over 100 sets, and as a trusted liaison to the major leagues, we’re confident we can help you create high octane, game-day quality sports scenes, further cementing your production’s legitimacy among athletes and sports fans.

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