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Remember the Titans.

Any Given Sunday.

Varsity Blues.

Draft Day.

Sports Studio has been a part of all the football movies you know and love. We work in a specialized niche of the entertainment industry, providing sports wardrobe for films, tv shows, and commercials.

Whether your production is looking for background players or you’re filming a full-blown sports movie, we can rent you the uniforms you need.

We have football uniforms ranging from high school to professional fit, in every era. Sports Studio is an entertainment licensee for the NFL, meaning if your production has NFL approval, we can supply the licensed uniforms and apparel you need.

In the case that your project does not have either NCAA or NFL approval, we also have generic professional football uniforms for rent. These jerseys do not have any official markings. We have a variety of blank to generic lettered jerseys in every color combination you can imagine. However, if you can’t find exactly what you’re envisioning, we can always create custom garments.

Take a look at some of our professional football uniforms in our recent work below.

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Terry bradshaw shingles commercial

Sports Studio Football Wardrobe