ProShield #ShieldMove | Gillette Fusion

If you need a good laugh today, type in #ShieldMove on Twitter and watch some of the dance submissions.

Not only will you catch NFL offensive linemen Rodger Saffold, John Urschel, and Trent Williams showing off their signature dance moves for Gillette, but you’ll also see plenty of hilariously awkward dance moves from people across the country.

Gillette’s concept for this spot is rooted in the idea that these NFL offensive linemen shield their quarterback. Since they act as a shield on the field, they also make ideal endorsees for the new Gillette ProShield razor.

Acting as judges, these 3 NFL stars watched all the submissions, named people’s dance moves, and then voted on their favorites. The winners were sent to Super Bowl 50.

Sportsrobe worked with Grey and provided all of the NFL uniforms worn by these players.

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