Putnam Investments- Patriots Commercial

Sometimes at Sports Studio things get so busy that we can’t keep track of all the jobs we have done. Luckily for us, when you work in sports, watch sports and devour sports all day on the interwebs, sometimes our jobs pop up and smack us right in the face.

This was one of those times.

Way back when it was summer in Southern California, which is almost year round, but back in July to be exact, we worked on this job with Putnam Investments. It had long been forgotten, until late last night.

At roughly 2 a.m., while reading through the headlines on ESPN, a certain Tebow-related headline struck our coworker’s eye. Following a click, the video attached to the article launched. Anger quickly set in as a pre-video commercial launched, you know the kind, the non-skippable, non-fast forward-able, must sit through all 30 seconds type deal. The kind that drive you crazy, make you curse and want to give up on internet videos in general.

But then, he saw it, this wasn’t just any commercial, those were our jerseys. We had worked on this commercial. And it looks good.

We cannot take credit for the Patriot uniforms, because those were lent to the commercial from the actual team, we can tell you that the opposing team was all Sports Studio, all the way down from head to toe. And Putnam also shot another commercial for this season as well.

So if you happen to spot a sports commercial that you think we worked on, don’t hesitate to send over a link to