Ready for Costume Season | Subway

Halloween has everyone thinking about costumes–or for quite a few of us–what kind of costume we can quickly throw together.

Here at Sports Studio, our core business is built around costuming, and we think about wardrobe on a daily basis. In fact, we’re Hollywood’s only sports-specific costume house. With our knowledge of both the sports and entertainment industries, we’ve built relationships with the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and USSF to supply licensed apparel for entertainment projects.

We have a warehouse in Torrance, California filled to the brim with over 135,000 hanging uniforms, not to mention our collection of hats, balls, helmets, and athletic gear.

We work on projects big and small, whether they’re entirely sports-related, like 42 or Foxcatcher, but also if production needs a jersey here or there.

For instance, we worked with stylist Joyce Kim Armstrong and Biscuit Filmworks to provide the football helmet in Subway’s latest Halloween themed commercial.

Whether your production needs two teams worth of licensed NFL helmets, period leatherheads, or a single football helmet like this one, we can help.

Subway Ready for Costume Season

Subway Ready for Costume Season