Refuel: Chocolate Milk, Custom Cheerleading and Ashley Tisdale

From uniform design for USA’s Necessary Roughness, to logo customization for hundreds of commercials, TV shows and feature films, it’s safe to say that our graphics department is good. Really good.

Our graphic artist Ben works one-on-one with clients to make sure that everything is exactly the way they want. Ben starts with a mock-up for the client, changing the graphics to fit their needs. Take this Refuel Chocolate Milk cheerleading spec (right) show you how it works.

This was just one of several mock-ups that Ben sent over to the client, this one just happens to be the one that they chose for us to build.

And build it we did.

But our work didn’t stop there. Ben also created the Refuel patch to the client’s liking as well, which you can see on actress Ashley Tisdale below.

Don’t bother taking a job to several different places to get it done, when you can get everything you need at our one-stop shop for all things Hollywood sports. Because when our work looks this good, there’s no reason not to come to Sports Studio.

And in case you’re a cheerleader, check out the competition associated with this ad campaign, brought to you by American Cheerleader.