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Rent Full NFL Uniforms

Sports Studio, formerly Sportsrobe, is a sports wardrobe and services provider for the entertainment industry. We’ve worked on the biggest scripted sports productions in the world, from sports movie classics like Remember the Titans, Field of Dreams, and Space Jam, to Oscar-Nominated Foxcatcher or Disney’s McFarland USA. We’re also involved in broadcast advertising, working on nationally and regionally aired commercials like the Jordan RE2PECT tribute to Jeter.

We operate at very peculiar niche, right at the intersection of sports and entertainment. While we’re well-versed in athlete casting, sports choreography, and product placement, sports wardrobe and props remain at the core of our business.

If you’re looking to source complete NFL uniforms, or any league licensed apparel, we can help. As it so happens, the teams across the leagues do not have enough of a surplus of equipment and uniforms to provide each production project, especially ones with customized names and numbers. Thus, we at Sports Studio work with both the NFL and licensees like Nike to create and provide authentic uniforms, equipment and fan apparel to production.

Our team knows freakish amounts of minutia concerning player-specific gear preferences, logo and fabric evolution over time, and most importantly, how to outfit athletes in game day attire that’s up to par with league standards and regulations.

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