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NFL Uniform Rentals for Commercials

Sports Studio is a licensed entertainment partner of the NFL, meaning we have the rights to rent official NFL uniforms, gear and performance wear for entertainment purposes. Our partnership spans across all scripted sports, including film, television, commercials, digital content, and even photo shoots featuring authentic league apparel.

If your production has approval to use licensed NFL product, be it current 2015 team uniforms, or period 1970’s garments, our team will ensure every item is game day authentic.

Not limited to on-field apparel, our sports wardrobe includes coaches, referee, and sideline attire. In fact, we can even provide you with down and yard markers, flags, and pylons.

For anything we don’t have in stock, we can source directly to create official NFL garments. Similarly, it’s our responsibility to ensure sponsored athletes are wearing their proper gear, so it’s no trouble to us to source athlete-specific branded product.

Pictured below are several of our recent projects featuring NFL licensed football uniforms.

Rent NFL Uniforms

Rent NFL Uniforms

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Rent NFL Uniforms

Gatorade Recover Texans 2

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