Rock & Roll | Audi A4

Rock and roll developed in the late 1940s by taking elements of genres like blues, jazz, country, and gospel, and combining them together. At its core, rock and roll defined counter-culture. The rebellious essence of the genre gave birth to new eras of music —  punk rock, hip hop, and even electronic dance music.


Its influence spreads far beyond music. Rock has provided inspiration for fashion, culture, and even neologisms.

In its relatively short history, the culture of rock and roll appeals to younger generations. This idea of going against the crowd and discovering your individuality is empowering. It’s why brands like Audi love it so much.

In Audi’s latest spot, “Rock and Roll,” they make the claim that “intelligence is the new rock and roll.” These people that define rock culture in this spot retain their individuality, all while excelling in their respective fields of technology, business, and even sports.

We provided full football uniforms for this Audi commercial

We provided football uniforms for 2 teams in this Audi spot

Sports Studio worked with production company Park Pictures and ad agency Venables Bell & Partners to provide the complete football practice uniform rentals for this spot.

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