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If you’ve ever worked on the set of a film, TV show, music video, or commercial you understand the long and sometimes odd hours that it takes to achieve that perfect take for the final vision. With so many moving parts and relatively huge teams, it’s essential that everyone is able to do not only their part, but be able to help each other out on set. That’s what it means to be a part of the team.

Here at Sports Studio, we’re familiar with being on set for productions. For any sports-related scene, we have our on set sport-technicians that can ensure our sports wardrobe fits the sport, era, and athlete down to the very last detail. We’re sticklers for authenticity.

Our role on the team is to make set life easier for everyone—the producer, costume designer, stylist, production assistants, and actors/actresses. We help stylists on set with prepping athletes, provide sports choreography and coordination services, and can even host fittings to save you time on set.

We’ve worked on a lot of projects, and been on a lot of times. Trust in our years of experience to make your life on set easier and help your production come to fruition.

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