“Show Me What You Got”—Thursday Night Football on CBS

Ripping clothes off your body in slow motion with the wind blowing on your face is an almost surefire way to look cool. The only way to make it cooler is by wearing custom Thursday Night Football jerseys (provided by Sports Studio) underneath the clothes you just ripped off.  Of course, if you’re Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto from NCIS) or Lucy Liu, looking cool was never an issue to begin with. On the contrary, the jerseys are not a cure-all for Big Bang’s Simon Helberg aka Howard Wolowitz.

(Dear Howard, you will always be our turtleneck wearing, Nicolas Cage impersonating, nerd to love.)

Sports Studio is officially ready for the sweet, beautiful 3 hours every Thursday night where we congregate for a true American pastime—football. Prepare the coolers and clear the couches, because NFL season is kind-ofmaybealmostdepending-on-your-definition-of-almost here.

If you liked the TNF jerseys, see more of our work here. If you need custom wardrobe or athletes for your next production, contact us here. We’d like to acknowledge our work with costume designer Jasmine Kostraba and the Moving Parts production company on this 30-second spot for CBS.