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With opening day less than a week away, MLB players have been preparing for the official start to the 2016 season. One player we expect to play at the top tier is 23-year-old Bryce Harper. In the 2015 season, Bryce tied the National League lead of 42 home runs and was fittingly awarded the National League MVP.

In order for Harper, or any athlete, to perform at an exceptional level, they need to take care of their bodies. An important component of maintaining a healthy body is recovery. Gatorade knows this better than most.

“The way you recover affects the way you play.”

Gatorade’s recover products will help build back up the muscles used during a workout because they are filled with whey and milk based proteins. These specific types of proteins contain amino acids, which aid in muscle tissue repair and growth. Amino acids are absorbed quickly in the body and will not only help improve your strength, but also help you lose body fat.

Sportsrobe provided Brycer Harper's uniform

We worked with TBWA Chiat Day to provide Gatorade with Bryce Harper’s uniform and all of the Washington Nationals jerseys, pants, compression, belts, socks, and cleats arranged in the locker room.

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