Slinky Baseball- CenturyLink

Chances are you’ve seen a slinky at some point during your life. That is, unless your parents robbed you of your childhood. For your sake, we hope you have played with a slinky.

The children’s toy that blurs the line between physics and magic, while simultaneously calling into question the very notion of what defines an inanimate object. If we remember correctly, this entrancing coil almost demands to be picked up, to be examined and to be enjoyed by the childhood versions of ourselves. And we remember how crushed we were when our beloved slinky got a kink in it, effectively ruining our day and the toy.

The slinky, in case you were wondering, hit stores in 1945 and has been inspiring the minds of children worldwide ever since.

But we never thought we’d see the day when a slinky was playing baseball all by itself.

Although we wish we stocked slinkys (slinkies?) at Sports Studio, we don’t. But we do stock hundreds of baseball uniforms, including the one that the stylist on this CenturyLink commercial below. We also sent out a full set of catcher’s equipment for the shoot.