Small But Powerful with Cole Beasley | Tide

In sports and football especially, size matters. Well, most of the time. 

An obvious exception is Dallas Cowboys WR Cole Beasley. He may be 5’8’’, but he’s not messing around. Along with Eagles running back Darren Sproles, Beasley perfectly embodies the latest Small But Powerful campaign for Tide. Just like the tiny detergent PODS, Beasley is not to be underestimated because of his size. 

Other notable small but powerful NFL players:

Wes Welker – Wide Receiver – 5’9”

Steve Smith – Wide Receiver – 5’9”

Antoine Winfield – Cornerback – 5’9

Bob Sanders – Safety – 5’8”

Maurice Jones Drew –  Running Back – 5’8”

Barry Sanders – Running Back – 5’8”

Jacquizz Rodgers – Running Back – 5’7”

Mark McMillian – Cornerback –  5’7”

Darren Sproles – Running Back – 5’6”

Trindon Holliday – Kick / Punt Returner – 5’5” *Shortest Active NFL player 

Jack “Soapy” Shapiro – 5’1” ** Shortest Player in NFL history

We worked closely with Tide and Saatchi New York to provide all of the Cowboys uniforms in this ad. From head to toe, Cole Beasley and the background Cowboys players are wearing our sports wardrobe, or as we like to call it, our “sportsrobe”.

Our business operates at a very specific intersection of sports and entertainment. We’re licensees for the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and USSF for scripted sports content, which means we’re responsible for all of the league licensed uniforms and sideline gear in movies, tv shows and commercials.  As we like to say, we’re the sports guys for the entertainment industry, and the Hollywood guys in the sports business. 

If your production team is looking for NFL licensed uniforms and gear, or any sports uniforms for that matter, we’d love to work with you. Our wardrobe team will be more than happy to help you find the items, sizes and colors you’re looking for. And, if you have specific color ways or a team name in mind, we can always customize uniforms for you. 

Feel free to connect with us at (310) 559-3999 or send us a note at and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

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