Sobe Commercial with Jered Weaver

A few weeks back we got a call for a team’s worth of custom jerseys for a Sobe commercial featuring Jered Weaver.

Despite having a great season, Weaver is not necessarily a household name or a recognizable face, but his hair does have the iconic quality of the Giants’ Tim Lincecum, only blonde.

If ads featuring the Angel hurler keep coming out like this Sobe spot, his golden locks will be adorning the walls of kids outside of (Los Angeles of) Anaheim. Rolling with a 2.10 ERA this year, Weaver took aim at the plate in this spot, trading in his baseball for fruit.

Sports Studio’s creative guru Ben K. used the Sobe fonts and logos to create the jerseys, the hats and the helmets for the commercial that shine on camera, as the actors splashed fruit all over the field for Sobe’s Fuji Apple Pear.