SonoSite’s The Rehabilitator

It may not be Terry Tate, but the newest hero in sports commercials is a force to be reckoned with. The Rehabilitator has come to the rescue.

SonoSite, the world leader and specialist in hand-carried and mountable ultrasound, has put a face to their latest medical product and asked us for some help. In this seemingly realistic network televison-like commerical, The Rehabilitator is seen using the ultrasound technology to save a football player in need, playing on the ever so popular trend of medical dramas.

The Rehabilitator’s motto: “When dreams shatter, she repairs them.” And she can be seen repairing the dreams of both football and soccer players in their authentic uniforms in SonoSite’s latest commercial thanks to Sports Studio. We not only provided the jerseys for the actors, but also worked with them in studio and did the fittings to ensure they looked true to form.

We went back to where it all began in the Sports Studio warehouse and pulled out the jerseys worn to give you an exclusive, up close look.

Check out The Rehabilitator and the athletes in their Sports Studio attire in action right here: