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There’s a big difference between talent who look athletic, and athlete talent who can truly play or perform as needed for your production. Of course it all depends on the particular circumstances for the scene—maybe you just need bodies in the background, but maybe you need someone who can pitch at 90 mph. 

Sports Studio Casting can help with either. Regardless of the specifics, regardless of the sport and location, Sports Studio can help you find athlete actors wherever you are across the United States. We host the nation’s largest athlete casting database, consisting of over 19,000 sport models and actors. 

Our Digital Director of Casting can easily host casting calls online to help you find exactly who you’re looking for. We use a series of filters to find eligible talent, as well as promote the casting call if needed. If you’d prefer, we can also set up a Casting Director profile for you, so that you can browse through submissions independently. 

Our database has been used as an invaluable resource on shoots for Under Armour, Nike, and Taylor Made, as well as films including The Dark Knight Rises, The Wrong Stuff, and Crooked Arrows. 

The best part is– it’s free to set up a casting call.

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