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Sport Models: Get Cast in Hollywood

Sports Studio is Hollywood’s leading sports service provider. While our primary business is in sports wardrobe and props, we also cast athlete actors in many of our jobs. 

We host the nation’s largest database of athletes looking to be cast in movies, television, commercials, and photoshoots. It’s completely free to create a profile — you simply provide your experience level in your sport, quick facts like height and weight, and any photos if you’d like. 

Casting calls are posted to the site as they arise, so checking our listings periodically is a good idea. Additionally, on many jobs we allow Casting Directors to view athlete profiles, and using a series of filters they can hand select athletes that meet their needs. 

Our casting calls are not just limited to the greater Los Angeles area—in fact, we cast athletes nationwide. 

In the past, we’ve cast athletes for movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Crooked Arrows, as well as Under Armour Photoshoots, and dozens of commercials. 

To create or update your profile, visit