Sports Marketing HOF – Fathead Twitter

Brought to you by Sports Studio

Sports Studio has scoured the Internet in search of the best digital marketing in sports. In this series we will take an in depth look at what you can learn from the best sports brands out there.

He towered over me with a look of disaster. I was afraid that moving would only encourage him to attack.

Right before my eyes was JJ Watt. I dropped the football and sprinted to the door only to realize that he wasn’t chasing me. In fact he was just a fathead stuck to my wall.

Fathead not only creates unique realistic lively products, but has managed to maintain its market share through an invaluable social media effort.

1.    Tweet content that is relevant to your market

Fathead is not a sporting news company. Right? Wrong. Fathead’s twitter is always updated with relevant sporting news.

Question to ask your company:

What news is relevant to our brand and can be repurposed on twitter?

  • Sports, politics, celebrities, finance, etc.
  • Daily news in the media
    • Repost about daily news

2.    Timely and engaging customer service

Fathead is known for quickly responding to customer service requests and issues when addressed on twitter. Here is a great example:

Question to ask your company:

How do we decide whom to serve?

  • Lets face it, you cannot help everyone, but you can help a few
  • Investigate who your brand influencers are
    • Accounts with larger followings
    • Advocates of your brand
    • Create leads for positive reactions and highlight those reactions

3.    Don’t Pitch your Product

Just like on Facebook, engage your users so that they are pitching your product for you.

Question to ask your company:

How do customers experience your product?

  • Focus on the perceived value of your customers
  • Highlight them in your daily posts

4.    Contest/Giveaways

Considered a form of customer engagement, contests and giveaways enable your fans to repurpose your content and generate word of mouth marketing.

Question to ask your company:

How should we give away prizes?

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly giveaways
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Post a picture of a location
  • Repost/retweet raffles
    • Everyone who retweets gets entered into the raffle. Each additional retweet gets you an additional entry.
  • Schedule giveaways around relevant news/events taking place

5.    Use proper and relevant Hashtags

The best way to create social media buzz, is through proper hashtagging. This leads to trending topics that generate more engagement with your Twitter Account.

Question to ask your company:

How can our products create trends?

  • Example:
    • Users post pictures of their Fatheads using this hashtag.
    • #FatheadFanPhotos
    • Multiple posts can lead to a trending topic and expand your engagement and reach