Sports Marketing HOF – GoPro Facebook

Sports Studio has scoured the Internet in search of the best digital marketing in sports. In this series we will take an in depth look at what you can learn from the best sports brands out there.

GoPro’s Facebook

I thought I was going to crash, the wind was in my face and it was ear piercing. I have never gone so fast down a mountain.

In a split second I went from my desk to shredding the mountains in Jackson Wyoming with GoPro’s Video of the day contest winner Andrew Whiteford.

GoPro’s social media success is a result of their value of consumer contribution above all else.

1.    Create interactions with your Users

GoPro’s content is created through the User’s engagement. They have a daily GoPro giveaway, and create an image of the day and video of the day from a User.

Question to ask your company:

How can we interact with our consumers?

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly giveaways
    • Competitions
    • Raffles
    • 1ST to respond awards
    • Scavenger Hunts
  • Schedule content around these giveaways

 2.    Curate Timeline Content

While Facebook’s timeline mapping helps, GoPro has created an aesthetically navigated page through their pattern of content.

Question to ask your company:

How does your content fit together on our page?

What message are you sending?

  • Video/Image of the day/week
  • Weekly Customer reviews/diary blogs
  • The message that you are sending

3.    Don’t Pitch your Product

GoPro strategically uses their Facebook to illustrate beautiful content created by the GoPro. The only pitch is developed through the users desire to recreate and present their content from their GoPro.

Question to ask your company:

How do customers experience your product?

  • Focus on the perceived value of your customers
  • Highlight it in your themes

4.    Content Versatility

GoPro is always associated with action sports such as surfing and skateboarding, but their online messaging adds depth to their product. They post about rowing, skateboarding, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, farm herding, bull riding, snowboarding, skydiving, football, snorkeling, flying, soccer, beekeeping, mountain biking and the list goes on and on. The point is you can do anything with the GoPro. You can capture your experience with the GoPro.


Question to ask your company:

What are all the ways people use your product and where do they use it?

  • Utilize content from different people, doing different activities, in different places that are related to or directly involve your product or business.
  • Do not be one-dimensional

5.    Connect/Piggyback your Content to Relevant News

GoPro uses content created by their product to emphasis current events in a multitude of topics.

Question to ask your company:

What current events are pertinent to your company?

  • Explain how your product is relevant through:
    • Images
    • Blogs
    • Videos