Sports Marketing HOF – NBA YouTube

Sports Studio has scoured the Internet in search of the best digital marketing in sports. In this series, we will take an in depth look at what you can learn from the best sports brands online.

NBA YouTube

A DVR can only handle so much. If you want to record every minute of NBA action, you would need 13 500gb DVR’s. And that’s just for the regular season.

That’s like recording 1 channel for 40 days straight – it’s a lot of content. Actually, it’s too much content.

And while synthesizing this absurd amount of digital video could be a problem for any brand, the NBA has utilized YouTube to make it an asset for the league.

Here are 5 things that you can learn.

1.    Produce an organized library of all your content.

The NBA YouTube is a live, historical database. It allows its users to sort through a catalogue of content to find what they are interested in.

Question to ask your company:

What are some key moments in your company’s history?

  • Company Achievements
  • Product Launches
  • Change in Personnel

2.    Develop consistent highlight-themed content that meets demand.

The NBA YouTube has daily highlight reels, which allow the audience to gain key insight on the various developments around the league in minutes and even seconds in some cases.

Question to ask your company:

How much content do we need?

  • Daily, weekly or monthly
  • Direct messages to the audience

3.    Create commercial Content

The NBA YouTube creates 15 second ads for All-Star games, Special programming, Playoffs and the Draft.

Question to ask your company:

What are you trying to sell/promote?

  • Events (Charity/Fundraiser)
  • Competitions
  • Giveaways
  • Sales
  • Product
  • Press Releases

4.    Produce human interest content, highlighting important figures within the company and customers who use the product.

The NBA YouTube has players and team pieces focusing on their progress and the ins and outs of the job.

Question to ask your company:

What makes your company what it is?

  • Interview key employees
  • Customers testimonials
  • Endorsements

5.    Engage the Audience with Behind the Scenes Footage.

Everyone wants to get to know who you are and what you do. The NBA YouTube puts the audience into the pre-game locker room and post-game setting. In short, they provide access.

Question to ask your company:

How can we provide our audience with access?

  • Document the manufacturing process
  • Document a daily meeting with the staff
  • Document behind the scenes inter-workings at the company

The NBA’s ability to satiate their audiences’ hunger through bite sized clips make them our first inductee into the Sports Marketing Hall of Fame.