Sports Studio announces relationship with Toolshed

(From Left: Toolshed’s Gregg Olson and Sports Studio CEO Mark Koesterer)

Sports Studio is proud to announce our newest business relationship with Toolshed Sports International, an innovator in performance base-layer technology. As Hollywood’s authentic sports leader, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of sports wardrobe.

Former MLB pitcher and AL Rookie of the year Gregg Olson and the man in charge over at Toolshed came by Sports Studio and we had the chance to talk business and sports.

Olson told us that Toolshed was founded to fill a void in the availability of quality sport undergarments. And business has been going well.

“We sell to 25 Major League Baseball teams, 2 NFL teams, 2 NBA teams and numerous division 1 colleges,” Olson said.

One feature that sets Toolshed apart from other under shorts is the customizable waistband, which can feature teams, logos, designs and names. You can see several options here.

When an athlete wears their brand, Olson hopes that, “Toolshed will be the best under gear that they’ve ever worn, bar none.”

We look forward to growing our relationship with Toolshed in the near future and hope to outfit our athletes in a variety of Toolshed products soon.