Sports Studio gets in “The Middle”

Not only does Sports Studio have football fever this fall, but we have been bitten by the comedy bug as well. We’ve worked on countless comedies this season including shows like Modern Family, Happy Endings, and now, The Middle.

Everybody loves Raymond. And everybody loves Patricia Heaton. ABC’s hit show “The Middle” starring the famous actress/comedian is now in it’s third season and going strong. The show, known for it’s good timing, writing and acting, has been praised by viewers and critics alike.

And you can see our work in not one, but THREE episodes.

In Episode 5, “The Test”, we provided football equipment for Axl’s team. Our wardrobe manager, Gus, was on set to get behind-the-scenes documentation of the youngsters in uniform. Don’t act like you’re not impressed with his photography skills.

On a different note, you know we have been offering costume ideas for Halloween for the past few weeks. Although the shows production team didn’t take us up on our Jamaican bobsled team idea, they did use our youth soccer uniform for one of the little trick-or-treaters in Episode 7 that debuted last night.

Lastly, guess what sport was incorporated into the third episode that we worked on, set to air this November? We’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with Shmootball. Keep an eye out ladies and gentleman, you never know when our sports wardrobe may pop up.

Now, here’s a look at the shows Halloween episode to get you all in the spirit. Enjoy.