Sports Studio places Cascade and Warrior in Subaru Commercial

When a production company comes to us with a sports project it means they need us to either help with wardrobe, casting, coordination or a combination of all of them.

Casting and coordination are pretty straight forward. However, when it comes to wardrobe and equipment a production company has a few options; they can either use items we currently have in stock or they have the option to use products from equipment and apparel companies themselves.

In most commercials production companies cannot show brands and must cover logos. However, when they get a chance to use brands it is called product placement and it is one of the many services Sports Studio has to offer.

One major product placement opportunity Sports Studio helped facilitate was placing Warrior and Cascade in the recent Subaru “Hockey Mom” commercial. When the project came into Sports Studio we saw an opportunity to place major hockey brands so we contacted Warrior and Cascade, they took a look at the storyboards and they thought it was a great opportunity to place their products.

The commercial shows what parents of children who play youth hockey go through every season and Warrior and Cascade wanted to help authentically outfit the kids.

Sports Studio is proud to have helped with placing Cascade and Warrior in this new Subaru campaign.

Below are some screen shots from the commercial where the Warrior and Cascade products are clearly visible:

Warrior Hockey Sticks

Messier Cascade Hockey Helmet

Cascade Hockey Helmets

Cascade is clearly visible on the side of the helmet along with Warrior on the gloves

Full team wearing Warrior and Cascade

Cascade Helmet and Warrior Gloves, Pants and Stick