Sports Studio Update: On the set of Call Me Artie in Atlanta

Last week, we had a chance to catch up with our sports choreographer Mark Ellis, who is on the set of Billy Crystal’s new film– Call Me Artie.

Ellis, along with his coordination team, had just capped a late night shoot at the Gwinnett Braves Stadium for the opening scene of the film.  The filming finished just in time for the teams to rush back into the clubhouse to catch the end of the World Series.

Thought to be the hardest sport to coordinate for scripted sports content, Ellis expressed that he was a little nervous for the filming because Crystal is such a baseball guy, having directed *61. To make his job easier, Ellis and Sports Studio cast 20 excellent baseball players, including former college players, current minor leaguers, prospects and  guys who have even spent some time in The Show.

With our coordination and athletes, Ellis said Crystal was, “thrilled,” with the AAA baseball action. After the filming, Ellis got one of his coaches to throw batting practice for the Crystal who happily obliged.

The action wrapped for the weekend, but Sports Studio was back this week to work on some more baseball action. This time, however, they were working with players with a little less experience– little leaguers.

Ellis explained that one of the hardest parts about working with kids is trying to explain to them that he needs them to strike out, or get thrown out at second base or commit an error. It takes a lot of convincing, Ellis told us, the kids don’t want to fail, especially on camera. But once Ellis can get the kids over their fear of looking bad on screen, the whole shoot is that much easier.

Keep checking back for more updates from Atlanta and in the meantime, scope the pictures from the set.

And if you don’t have a profile on, get one. These guys did, and they’re going to be on screens nationwide next year.