Srixon- Tour Yellow Golf Balls with Peter Jacobsen

We don’t just claim to be Hollywood’s one stop shop for everything sports, we are the one stop shop. Here’s proof:

For these Srixon Tour Yellow golf ball commercials, Sports Studio was asked to host a digital casting call for the athletes on our database, cast the athletes, fit the football players in stock uniforms and create custom threads for the softballers, including logo design by our Creative Department. Oh, and we almost forgot the tennis players, who we cast as well.

We actually found the videos from this spot when a friend sent us this blooper from the set, where pro golfer and host Peter Jacobsen takes a fastball to the chest. It is quality comedy to say the least, especially Jake’s candid reaction.

And don’t let that pitch that got away from our pitcher fool you, provides talented athletes to fulfill production needs, including in this case two former D-1 softball players and a former NFL Kicker.

To see the commercials in their entirety (only available on Srixon TV), follow these links: Football, Softball and Tennis.

What you see better, you play better. The same can be said for pictures, so enjoy these high quality stills and behind the scenes shots from the set.