State Farm- State of Discovery with Andre Dawson and Kerry Wood

You probably have a friend, who has a friend, whose brother saw a picture of the Loch Ness Monster. You probably heard a guy, who lives in the park, talk about a guy he knew from another park who had his sleeping bag stolen by Big Foot. Seriously, it happened.

Whether they are a myth or not, we may never know, but the stories will live on in every city and in every town for generations to come. Ballparks around the nation are full of mystical creatures as well that have been blown up by hyperbole and rumors for over 100 years.

And while Fenway’s Green Monster is sure daunting based on its pure magnitude, it is responsible for far less disappearances than the ivy that engulfs Wrigley Field.

When we got the call for a re-creation of an Andre Dawson jersey, we had no idea how it would be used. We never thought that it would be for the Hall of Famer who got stuck in the ivy and never came out. Then again, when it comes to commercials, we are never surprised with how productions use our uniforms.

If your production needs authentic MLB uniforms or a re-creation of a past garment, don’t hesitate to call Sports Studio. We’re not a myth, we actually deliver.