Sports Studio Services

Summer On Set Sale

What exactly is an On Set Sport Tech? Well, they’re some of our top wardrobe experts with an extensive knowledge of both sports uniforms and sports coordination. They’ll join production on set as a extension of our wardrobe services to make sure every athlete looks and plays their part with authenticity. This can range from buttoning chinstraps and tightening shoulder pads, to helping assign players to a position based on their height and body type. 

Often times, our On Set Sport-Techs help bridge the gap between art and sports, helping achieve gameday authenticity on camera. Having been on over 100 sets, our Sport-Techs are well versed in the production process—we know the business well. 

If your next project is shooting in Los Angeles, we’d love to accompany you to set. We’re available for travel too. That goes for all sports by the waywhether you need help with football, fencing, or field hockey, you name itwe can send a specialist. 

From now until September 2015, Sports Studio will be hosting our Summer On Set Sale, with discounted rates on our On Set Sport Tech services. Any production that spends $2500 can get one day with our On Set Sport Tech for $500, normally $650/day. It only gets better from there. Productions spending $5000 need only pay $200 for our On Set Sport Techs, and anything above $7500 is complimentary. 

Take a look at some of our On Set work in a quick video below. If you’ve got questions or are interested in our On Set Sport Tech services, feel free to give us a ring. We’re easily reachable by phone at 310.559.3999 or you can always shoot us a note at