Sunblunders – Landon Donovan


What is the one thing you should always put on before stepping foot outside?

Pants, yes of course pants, but there is something else just as important.

If you said pants again you’re still right. However we’re looking for a different answer

It’s sunscreen of course.

According to getting a “RED CARD” is the harshest penalty in soccer, but looking like one is even harsher.

So take a page out of Landon Donovan’s book and lather up.

Not only does sunscreen smell good, it protects you from the Sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause long term damage to your skin, and no one wants that.

Sports Studio provided several full soccer uniforms for Landon to choose from.

So remember to protect yourself from the sun, no matter what pitch, diamond, field, court, beach, lake, or ocean you’re stepping onto.

Landon Donovan