Sunday Night Baseball – The Most Interesting Man in the World

He has split a baseball in half with one swing.  He’s hit a ball in New York that’s landed in LA.  Who is this man?  This is Robinson CaNO, or Robinson “CanYES”.

No matter the situation you can count on the calm, cool, and collected Robinson Cano to come through.

In this ESPN Sunday Night Baseball commercial, Cano might as well be your modern day Chuck Norris. 4 all-star selections and a world series ring certainly help his case.

Cano is portrayed in this ad as the most interesting man in the world.  He makes a double play look like a one man show.  He makes a walk off home run look like a walk in the park. Have a stain? He will get rid of that too.  The picture below is the jersey Cano used in the shooting of the commercial.

Sport Studio worked with ESPN and Major League Baseball to provide uniforms used for this production.