Super Bowl 50 Party | Vanity Fair

A week has already passed, but people are still buzzing about Super Bowl 50. From the activations to the parties to the game itself, there’s enough material to pore over for the next month. One of the parties that received a sizable amount of attention this week was Vanity Fair’s Super Bowl 50 party.

With A-list celebrities dressed in the latest designer fashions, this prelude to the Super Bowl felt more like a walk down the red carpet than your typical cocktail party. One of the major highlights to Vanity Fair’s event was the portrait studio designed by set decorator Abraham Latham.

Locker room football uniforms and equipment decor.

Quite a few celebrities like Adrian Grenier found themselves enjoying the photo studio, as one can see in the photo above. We worked with Abraham to provide all of the football gear—jerseys, helmets, pants, pads, and footballs—seen behind celebrities like Joe Jonas, Amy Adams, Adriana Lima, and more.

Whether it’s a live event, production, or a photo shoot, we’re the leaders in football equipment rentals. Not only do we rent football uniforms and props for these jobs, but we can also provide athletes and choreography as well.

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Sports locker room set decorations.

Vanity fair sports locker room set.

Vanity Fair football locker room photo shoot set.