T-Mobile- The Pink Dress and the team in 4G

We’re going to be honest with you, we kinda miss Catherine Zeta Jones as the T-Mobile spokesperson. This is not to say, however, that we don’t like the girl in the pink dress. We do, we do. It’s just Catherine Zeta Jones is Catherine Zeta Jones. And the girl in the pink dress is not Catherine Zeta Jones.

In our blog about LG’s new Spectrum phone featuring Stuart Scott (CLICK HERE), we told you exactly how many people watched TV on their phones in 2011. And it’s service like T-Mobile’s that makes catching the game on the run as easy as making a phone call.

Maybe you’re even reading this blog on your phone. Maybe you didn’t have time to watch the commercial, which means that you maybe don’t know what we did for the shoot. So we’ll help you out.

See those black jerseys, yes? We made those for the commercial, including the XXL for the furry lion-looking mascot. On top of the jerseys, we sent one of our cheer outfits and set of pom poms from the warehouse to match the team.

One thing we didn’t do for the spot was the dress. That’s all T-Mobile magic.