Taco Bell- Nacho Superstar

To be honest, we thought this commercial was never going to get out of the can. Filmed last Summer/Early Fall, baseball season came and went without so much as a hint of when it was going to hit screens.

For the last 10 months or so, this has been the commercial we never saw. This happens to commercials all the time, we send out the wardrobe, they shoot, the wardrobe comes back and we never hear about or see it again. But it almost never happens when we send out licensed apparel from the MLB, NBA or NFL.

Which is why when we didn’t see this mysterious Taco Bell spot, we found it strange. But then, sure enough, right out of left field we saw the commercial this weekend for the first time.

The commercial has the standard cheesiness (note the pun) that we have come to expect from the purveyors of quick Mexican cuisine.

We worked with the league office to provide authentic Major League Baseball uniforms for the commercial, including our kind of hometown squad– the (almost in) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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