Taco Bell- The Taco 12 Pack

If you’re going to a party, a tailgate, a bar mitzvah, quinceanera or a date, Taco Bell wants you to say something about yourself and bring their Taco 12 Pack.

Now you may ask, what’s in the Taco 12 Pack? Good question, the answer may surprise you; there are actually 12 individually wrapped tacos stuffed inside the Taco Bell Taco 12 Pack.


Unfortunately, Sports Studio cannot take credit for placing a jersey on the hero of the commercial, who brings life to the party with his Taco 12 Pack. We did however provide several red jerseys for the shoot, including the loser who committed the food faux pas with the ever-outdated potato chips.

The red jersey, pictured below, is one of our most frequently used jerseys appearing in dozens of commercials and tv shows, including an avocado commercial with former NFL player John Lynch.

During bowl season, this commercial has been getting plenty of run, so make sure to keep your eyes glued to the tube. And, remember, if you go anywhere with other people, Taco Bell wants to make you look good, so grab a Taco 12 Pack or two, or 12.