Taking Care of Houston’s Best | Houston Methodist

Houston Methodist is working with Houston’s professional sports teams and athletes to continue to learn and improve medicine. The company states, “That’s the difference between practicing medicine and leading medicine. Houston Methodist leading medicine.”

Their medical center works with top athletes in order to come up with less invasive treatments for injuries, to create advanced training programs to avoid injuries, and to use innovative healing techniques. Teaming up with the best athletes will help them better care for the everyday athletes.

Sports Studio collaborated with wardrobe stylist Yvonne Wagner and production company The Sweet Shop to provide the full Texans practice uniform in this commercial. This includes the player’s helmet, jersey, gloves, shorts, shoulder pads, crew socks, compression, and cleats.

We will make sure to provide you with all the components of a player’s uniform to make your scenes look as realistic as possible.

We provided the Texans football uniform and helmet for this commercial

We provided the Texans practice uniform for this Houston Methodist commercial

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