Taylor Swift- “Mean” football jerseys

Most people don’t sell over 20 million albums, win four Grammys, seven American Music Awards, 11 Billboard Music Awards, all before their 22nd birthday. Taylor Swift is not most people.

The 21-year old singer songwriter has been blazing the charts since 2006 and is showing no signs of slowing down, with her most recent release Speak Now, selling almost 5 million copies in 2010 alone.

For her newest single, “Mean,” Swift enlisted the help of Sports Studio for several period specific football jerseys. Truth be told, these may look familiar to you if you saw the Georgia Tech Football team in the Spanish Gatorade commercial.

With over six million views on this video alone, it’s funny to think how many people see our work every day and never know it. From commercials to television to film, any time you see something that has to do with sports, you can rest assured, it’s probably Sports Studio behind the scenes.