The 36th Anniversary of North Dallas Forty

36 years ago today, North Dallas Forty first hit the big screen. Here at Sports Studio, we hold this one a little closer to our hearts because it was our first ever feature film. 

We worked with Academy Award-winning Costume Designer Dorothy Jeakins — famed for her work in The Sound of Music amon many other accolades. We still keep her original artwork hanging around the office as a pleasant reminder of our storied legacy.

All of the football uniforms seen throughout the movie were made from our little mom and pop shop, who up until the time had been making uniforms for local sports teams. From North Dallas Forty, then on to Heaven Can Wait, The Natural, and Hoosiers, we quickly grew to become Hollywood’s premier provider of sports wardrobe

A lot has changed in the past 36 years, and for the better. Still, we look back fondly on our early days in the business. 

North Dallas Forty Dorothy Jeakins Sketches

North Dallas Forty Football Uniform Sketches

North Dallas Forty Dorothy Jeakins