The Appetite for Better is Everywhere | Subway

Subway is rebranding the company and starting off fresh with a healthier outlook and new logo. Their recent ad, “The Appetite for Better is Everywhere”, shows their commitment to finding locally grown produce with little to no preservatives.

Subway’s new logo shown at the end of the commercial is supposed to go along with Subway’s search for better. The lettering stands up straight versus italicized to represent the brand’s confidence.

Creative agency MMB worked on this commercial along with production company Parachute Market. Sports Studio provided stylist Laura Eckert with all of the green full youth football uniforms showcased in this spot. That includes the jerseys, pants, helmets, pads, socks, and cleats.

Sports Studio provided the youth football uniforms for this Subway spot

Sports Studio provided the full green youth football uniforms for this subway commercial

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