The Ball Game | Physicians Mutual

Unless you like to plan far, far into the future, you’ve probably never heard of Physicians Mutual. They offer health and life insurance plans for people that are either nearing or currently in retirement.

So how does one take a relatively mundane topic like life insurance or retirement and make it a digestible commercial?

By setting the narrative at a baseball game, America’s favorite pastime!

Using bright colors, friendly faces, and clear dialogue, Chirp Films effectively made this commercial easy to understand and pleasant to watch.

Sports Studio worked with Chirp Films on this spot to provide the baseball uniforms and fan wear for “The Ball Game.”

You can see some of our work in the stills below.

We provided the full baseball uniforms for this spot

Sportsrobe provided the baseball uniforms for this Physicians Mutual commercial

Sportsrobe provided the fan wear for this commercial

We provided the fan gear for this spot

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