The Boss | Universal Studios | Melissa McCarthy

“The Boss” hit theaters in April 2016, but the DVD version just released last week. Melissa McCarthy co-wrote and starred in this film based on a character she used to play during improv years ago. “The Boss” was directed by her husband Ben Falcone and distributed by Universal Studios.

McCarthy’s character is a businesswoman who gets sentenced to prison for insider trading. The movie follows her as she is released from prison and attempts to change her image. Other major stars included in this film are Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage, and Kathy Bates.

We worked with MD Films, LLC to provide the full Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers baseball uniforms worn during the game scene. This includes the MLB jerseys, baseball pants, caps, undershirts, elastic belts, stirrups, socks, and cleats. There was also a fantasy scene where we provided the skimpy White Sox uniforms that included baseball tanks, visors, and baseball pinstripe shorts.

We provided all the baseball uniforms in the boss

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