The Buried Life: #36 Throw Out the 1st pitch at an MLB Game

“Good afternoon, Sports Studio. How can we help you?”

“Hi, my name’s Ben. I’m on a show called, “The Buried Life…””

Usually, people on TV shows don’t call us. Let’s take that back, they never call us. But The Buried Life is a very different story. 5 years ago, 4 friends got together and put together a bucket list with 100 things.

And as Ben explained to us, like we had heard so many times during the show’s two season run on MTV, “for every one thing they scratch off their list, they help someone do something of their own.”

The call came in from Ben almost a month ago. They were scheduled to throw out the first pitch for the last game of the regular season, where the Tampa Bay Rays would play host to the New York Yankees. The guys needed period baseball jerseys for pure comic value. But what would happen that night after Ben and Dave threw out the first pitch will be a part of baseball history forever.

#36, which they scratched off the bucket list that night, might not ever see the air, as MTV announced this week that they will no longer carry the show for its third season.

Luckily, Ben sent over a few photos from the trip and came by Sports Studio to knock down a few trick shots.

The Buried Life: #36 Throw the first Pitch at an MLB Game from Sports Studio on Vimeo.

We wish The Buried Life guys the best of luck in their future endeavors and hope to work together soon.