The Catch 2.0 | DevinSuperTramp

Recently we worked with James Corden and Joe Montana to recreate “The Catch” on The Late Late Show, an absolutely hilarious skit with James Corden subbing in for Dwight Clark at the wide receiver position.

In the lead up to Super Bowl 50, Pepsi and Papa John’s decided to take “The Catch” to the next level: “The Catch 2.0.”

You’re probably wondering, “How can this important moment in football history possibly be improved upon?” Well, the only way to truly push this to the next level is to go up—by taking it to the skies to attempt the world’s longest touchdown catch.

Did you see those falling figures decked out in gold and navy football uniforms? That’s us.

… Well, the football uniform rentals are ours, complete with helmets and football. We might be ever so slightly-maybe-kinda-teensy-weensy-bit afraid of free falling from 12,000 feet in the sky. But surely, you understand (if not, we commend your bravery).

Sports Studio worked with YouTube influencer Devin Graham aka DevinSuperTramp to provide the football uniforms for this special spot.

Take a closer look at our work in the behind the scenes video below.


Dwight Clark in Sportsrobe football uniform.

Fans in sportsrobe football jerseys.

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