The Conductor | Kobe Bryant | Nike Basketball

Tonight is Kobe Bryant’s swan song. As one of the best players ever to play basketball, and arguably the best student of the game, tonight Kobe will play his final opus in Los Angeles.


Reflecting on his past 20 years in the NBA, Kobe will leave a storied legacy, one that includes 5 NBA championships, 33,583 points (currently), 18 All-Star appearances, 11 1st Team All-NBA honors, 24 career 50+ point games, etc. — the list goes on and on. 

Along the way, he’s become a hero to Los Angeles and to kids playing basketball around the world. He’s also taken the mantle of a villain to every opponent he’s ever played against, as well as their fans. 

It’s only fitting then, that Nike pays tribute to Kobe using the #herovillain motif. In Nike’s latest spot, Kobe plays a conductor of his greatest hits. Turning a crescendo of chants of “Kobe sucks!” into a symphony of “I hate you” and “I’ll miss you,” this spot features cameos from Paul Pierce, Rasheed Wallace, Phil Jackson, and even Jeanie Buss.

We worked with ad agency Wieden+Kennedy and production company Anonymous Content to provide the NBA uniforms and fan wear featured in “The Conductor,” as well as the China uniform. 

As an entertainment partner of the NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS, Sportsrobe is trusted as the #1 source in Hollywood to provide wardrobe, props, casting, and choreography for sports productions.

Thank you Kobe, for what you’ve done for this game. You’ve inspired people around the world to achieve greatness through hard work and determination. Your legacy will have a lasting impact, on and off the court.

Sportsrobe provided Kobe Bryant's Lakers uniform for this Nike Basketball commercial

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