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The Cost of a Complete Baseball Uniform ( Youth & Adult Prices)

Baseball can be an expensive sport to play. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for baseball gear for yourself or your children: 

  • It is important to note that price doesn’t always imply durability.
  • Flashy patterns and colors will always cost more.
  • Fly balls, sliding, and thrown bats can be dangerous. We are not claiming that price makes a product more safe.

Below are price ranges you can expect when purchasing youth or adult baseball equipment, respectively.


(Prices range from Low to High, these are rough figures, purchase price from retailers)

  • Youth Batting Helmet- $20-35
  • Youth Batting Gloves- $18-30
  • Youth Baseball Cap- $4-10  (unlettered, blank)
  • Youth Jersey- $12-45 (unlettered, blank)
  • Youth Sliding Shorts- $15-$35
  • Youth Pants- $15-35
  • Youth Belt- Usually included in the pants or for purchase $3-7
  • Youth Baseball Cleats- $25-70
  • Youth Socks- Roughly $10
  • Youth Fielder’s Glove $30-80

Certain gear, particularly cleats, may only fit growing children for one season. If you’re purchasing baseball equipment for your child, we might also suggest finding a family with children a year or two older and ask for hand-me-downs. Buying items in neutral colors can also be helpful if both your sons and daughters play. This is only because black youth cleats may be more versatile hand-me-downs than pink ones for certain families.


(Prices range from Low to High, these are rough figures, purchase price from retailers)

  • Adult Batting Helmet- $25-55
  • Adult Batting Gloves- $25-60
  • Adult Baseball Cap- $5-20  (unlettered, blank)
  • Adult Jersey- $25-65 (unlettered, blank)
  • Adult Sliding Shorts- $20-$70
  • Adult Pants- $20-30
  • Adult Belt- Usually included in the pants or for purchase $3-7 
  • Adult Baseball Cleats- $35-100
  • Adult Socks- Roughly $10
  • Adult Fielder’s Glove – $45-150+

We hope this has been helpful to you as a prospective buyer and we hope to see you on the diamond soon.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for youth or adult baseball gear for your production, Sports Studio can rent them to you for a fraction of the price. We’re Hollywood’s premiere sports costume house. Whether you’re looking to outfit Bryce Harper and the entire Nationals Team, or for a single little league uniform, we’d love to help. See our inventory of generic adult uniforms here – youth coming soon! For MLB uniforms and gear please call us directly at (310) 303-4467 or shoot an email to and we’ll get back to you promptly.