“The Middle” – Football Homecoming Game

In the second episode of season two on the television show “The Middle”, it was Charlie Mcdermott’s character Axel Heck’s homecoming football game and two full teams of jerseys and equipment had to be provided.

The Sports Studio team not only help put together the equipment and wardrobe for the production but a few employees also had a chance to go on set and help make sure the equipment and wardrobe rented were worn and looked as authentic as possible.

Some productions choose not to use our in house equipment managers but when productions do, they get the best. Our in house equipment managers are very experienced and have been helping productions on set for over 10 years. Sports Studio helps make the football look as real as possible and as safe as possible. Without these two elements credibility can be taken from the sports being portrayed on camera which can turn a viewer off.

Sports Studio was glad to be a part of “The Middle” and we are glad Axel heck was able to survive the bone crushing hit he took in this scene.