The Road to the World Cup – with Degree and Clint Dempsey

We’re just counting the days to June 12. Cheers, jeers, announcing, dribbles, jukes, goals, Shakira, vuvuzuelas… wait wait wait. Definitely not the vuvuzuelas. Anything but the vuvuzuelas.

In anticipation of the FIFA World Cup 2014, we’d like to put the spotlight on a short film featuring US Soccer star Clint Dempsey, aptly titled “On the Move.” It’s directed by Jon Hamm, who is otherwise known for his work as Don Draper of “Mad Men” fame, and produced by Degree.

“I’m not nervous when I go into games. I’ve always been a firm believer of ‘the work you put in is the work you get out.’”

Throughout the entirety of the one and a half minutes, there’s a recurring theme of persistence and hard work as key ingredients to success. And yes, one and a half minutes is enough time to establish a recurring theme. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that a lot of these professional athletes didn’t pop out the womb chopping a soccer ball, dunking a basketball, or hucking a high release flick (the last one is a shout out to my fellow Ultimate Frisbee fans). But, I digress.

Clint Dempsey reminds us as viewers that there is always room for improvement, and in order to improve, we have to make moves.

Did you catch the “Dempsey” jacket Clint was wearing about halfway through the film? Yeah, that was us. You could basically say we’re unofficially a part of the US Soccer team, and on a first name basis with Clint.

Let us know if you need wardrobe or casting for your next production. We like to make magic happen and we’re confident we can be of great assistance. But if you want Clint in your next commercial, you’ll have to talk to him; he’s always “on the move.”