The University of Phoenix Football Team

They may be the best team to never play a game. Then again, they could be the worst. One thing is for certain: they are undefeated.

The still to be named University of Phoenix football team may only have existed during a Sports Studio one-week rental, but that doesn’t make them any less undefeated, according to the commercial.

For the shoot, we customized a jersey for the one man team, as well as supplied a ref uniform for the “game,” which was never played, though we can safely assume that, based on the gorgeous football jersey, the University of Phoenix football team would’ve walked all over their opponents.

For over 40 years, Sports Studio has helped productions create authentic sports looks regardless of a team’s existence, or in this case non-existence. And we have no plans of stopping now.

Note: The University of Phoenix is an online university, not necessarily located in Phoenix, AZ., and, to our knowledge, does not have a football team.