The Wedding Ringer | Football Scene

“The Wedding Ringer,” starring Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, hit the silver screen last month. Needless to say, as unapologetic sports nuts, our favorite bit was “Broadway Joe” Namath’s cameo appearance.

No, not just because Joe’s the man, but also because the scene features our period football sportsrobe.

Sports Studio worked in tandem with Hollywood costumer Elinor Bardach and Screen Gems to outfit the veteran team in their baby blue football uniforms.

We had several of the blue jerseys in our period football inventory, but not enough to dress the whole team. Our solution was simple: replicate the jerseys from scratch.

Our ability to manufacture custom sports garments,  and attention to detail in doing so, has helped us set the highest standard of sports wardrobe in the industry.

Wedding Ringer Football Scene Namath

Wedding Ringer Football Scene Namath