This One’s for Mom | Campbell’s Chunky Soups | Super Bowl 50

Many of the Super Bowl 2016 commercials were going for laughs, but instead, Campbell’s went for tears. And people loved it.

If you have a heart, Campbell’s latest commercial will warm it up like a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Throughout this commercial, the audience steps in the cleats of a football player and watches him advance from peewee, to high school, to college, and finally to the NFL. His uniforms change, his teammates change, but his mom stands by and cheers him through it all.

Provided college football uniforms.

Provided full college football uniforms.

We worked with production company Prettybird and provided all of the college and Green Bay Packers uniforms in this commercial. As Los Angeles’s football headquarters, we have the largest collection of football rentals including NFL gear, college football uniforms, and youth sized uniforms.

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